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Hay, Straw, Haylage, Shavings

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Hay, Straw, Haylage, Shavings

Local Delivery around Tendring and North Essex

Our Hay, Haylage and Straw is available in 4ft round bales and conventional bales with local delivery around Tendring and North Essex.


Quality Hay

Our hay is produced from fertilised grass, which is reseeded every 2-5 years to maintain quality pasture and produce nutrient rich feeds for both horses and livestock. We work carefully around the weather to ensure that as much as possible our hay is sweet and dry.

We can also produce second cut hay which contains less sugar, so is suitable for good doers and those prone to laminitis. We also harvest some historic meadow grasses which makes great soft hay for older horses.


Quality Straw

Our high quality straw can be used for both bedding and feed. Straw is a recommended dietary supplement offering low sugar nutrition for horses prone to laminitis and is an ideal supplementary feedstuff for cattle and sheep.

As bedding, straw offers great insulating properties therefore providing a comfortable and warm for many types of animals Straw is also easy to handle, muck out and is biodegradable, so can be disposed of with ease.


Quality Haylage

Our 4ft round bales of haylage are perfect for horses, cattle and livestock farming.

New - Conventional Haylage Bales!

Our conventional bales of haylage are easier to handle for private horse owners, equestrian yards and smallholdings with livestock. As with our hay, we produce our haylage from clean, regularly fertilised and reseeded grassland. 


Equestrian and Animal Bedding
Wood Shavings - 23kg bags.

Dust extracted quality wood shavings.
Local delivery around Tendring and North Essex

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